Spicy Lentil & Sweet Potato Broth (Hot) £5.95





Jerk Chicken Salad (Hot) £10.95



Pork Liver Parfait £7.75

(Contains nuts & wheat)


Warm Goat Cheese & Cherries Salad £8.75

(GF, contains dairy)


Mushrooms stuffed with Blue Cheese £8.75

(Contains wheat and dairy)


Smoked Salmon Tian £8.25

(GF, contains fish & dairy)


Sauté Prawns with Garlic & Ginger £10.95

(GF, contains crustaceans & dairy)


Sauté Scallop wrapped in Pancetta Salad £10.95

(GF, contains crustaceans & dairy)


Vegan starter £9.75

(Chef’s combo)