3 COURSES £19.95 pp


2 COURSES £17.95 pp


1 MAIN £13.95 pp





Spicy Lentil & Sweet Potato Broth (Hot)



Pork Liver Parfait

(Contains nuts & wheat)


Smoked Salmon Tian

(GF, contains fish & dairy)





Coconut, Coriander & Almond Fish Fillet with Crushed Potatoes

(GF, Contains fish, dairy & almond nuts)


Slow Cooked & Browned Pork Fusion with Rice

(Contains wheat)


Grilled Toulouse Sausage, Puy Lentils with Golden Mash

 (Contains wheat and dairy)


Chargrilled Spicy Jerk Chicken Breast with Rice (Hot)  


Succulent Chicken Breast in a Creamy Wild Mushroom Sauce with Rice

 (GF, Contains alcohol and dairy)


Chickpea & Potato Colombo with Rice (Hot)

(GF, contains dairy)





Exotic Lime Cheesecake

(Contains wheat & dairy)


Brandy Crème Brulee

(Contains dairy)